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Item  5_____ To Be Tabled_ 1

5.1                         Status Report - Flynn Drive Realignment Project  1


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Item  5      To Be Tabled

5.1    Status Report - Flynn Drive Realignment Project

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To consider a progress update on the Flynn Drive Realignment Project (FDRP).



The FDRP forms the first stage of a two staged project for the upgrade of Flynn Drive.  Proposed works include:


·      Construction of a new traffic signal controlled intersection with Wanneroo Road approximately half way between the existing Flynn Drive/Wanneroo Road intersection and the first dualled section of Wanneroo Road immediately north of Joondalup Drive, and;


·      New carriageway as realigned between Wanneroo Road eastwards through to connection with the existing Flynn Drive alignment. 


The second stage will encompass upgrade of Flynn Drive from the connection point of the realigned section through to Tranquil Drive, connecting to the upgraded section of Flynn Drive undertaken as part of the LandCorp development associated with the expansion of the Neerabup Industrial Area.


The project is directly linked to the development of the Neerabup Industrial Area and has also attracted $1M in State Government funding through the State BlackSpot Program.


Work in relation to finalisation of design and the impact of utility services for the FDRP works has been completed after a number of iterations arising out of consultation with Main Roads WA (MRWA) to develop a suitable design for a signalised intersection to meet the requirements of that authority.


The announcement by the State Government of approval for the Mitchell Freeway Extension Project (MFER) which incorporates the Neerabup Road connection between the MFEP and Wanneroo Road was the catalyst for Administration to initiate discussions with MRWA to review the design of the proposed Wanneroo Road/Flynn Drive intersection. This was advanced on the basis that Neerabup Road would connect with Wanneroo Road at the new Flynn Drive intersection, creating a 4-way signalised intersection with significant upgrade works required for Wanneroo Road.


As part of these discussions, MRWA agreed to undertake a preliminary design of the proposed Wanneroo Road/Flynn Drive/Neerabup Road intersection to determine the construction impact, estimated costs, timing of works and funding opportunities. The FDRP was put on hold while this preliminary design was progressed as there was an opportunity for the Wanneroo Road/Flynn Drive/Neerabup Road intersection to be constructed to its ultimate standard under separate contract by MRWA.

This would allow the City to focus on the realignment component of the FDRP, with both the City and MRWA aligning their separate construction contracts such that completion of the respective works could be appropriately coordinated.


Subsequent to this arrangement, and with 15% design effectively reached by MRWA for its component of the overall project, advice was received in late July 2013 that the current approved budget for the MFEP would not allow construction of the Wanneroo Road/Flynn Drive/Neerabup Road intersection to its final configuration as described above, nor will it allow construction to a lesser standard.  It was further advised that it would be appropriate for the City to upgrade the Wanneroo Road/Flynn Drive intersection (excludes allowance for Neerabup Road) in accordance with its initial design, that being; matching Flynn Drive as realigned with the existing Wanneroo Road level and alignment. The consequence of this direction is that when MRWA eventually undertakes the Neerabup Road works as part of the MFEP, the connection to Wanneroo Road will result in all works undertaken by the City at the Wanneroo Road/Flynn Drive intersection being sacrificial, including approximately 70m of the Flynn Drive carriageway as realigned. The cost of the reconstruction works will be accommodated through funding allocated for the MFEP.


Administration has advanced preparation of tender documentation of the FDRP works on the basis of MRWA's advice and is now in a position to advertise the project for tender, subject to Council's endorsement of this approach.  If supported, tender advertisement will be actioned during late September/early October 2013, with the aim to present a tender report to Council in December 2013 and works to commence in early 2014.




The City has been advised by MRWA that it can no longer support the proposal for the construction of the future Wanneroo Road/Flynn Drive/Neerabup Road intersection to its final configuration, and the City should revert to its initial design and construct accordingly.


The $1M grant approved by the State Government towards the Wanneroo Road/Flynn Drive intersection works is from the State Black Spot Program to address the crash history at the existing Wanneroo Road/Flynn Drive intersection. It is imperative that no further delays occur on the FDRP.


Administration is now in a position to advance road construction works with Council's endorsement to advertise tender now sought. At this time clearing, grubbing and mulching of the road reserve has been completed, the site is fenced each end and tender documentation based on the initial design that allows for matching of Flynn Drive as realigned with the existing Wanneroo Road level and alignment has been finalised.

Statutory Compliance


Strategic Implications

The proposal aligns with the following objective within the Strategic Community Plan 2013 – 2023:

 “3     Economy - Progressive, connected communities that enable economic growth and employment.

3.3    Easy to Get Around - The community is well connected and accessible with an integrated transport approach for all.

Policy Implications


Financial Implications

The estimated cost of the FDRP is $7,413,500, which includes balance of design cost, the clearing, grubbing and mulching works, completion of geotechnical investigation, project management/supervision and the construction cost estimate (inclusive of utility service relocations and provisional sums).


This project has approved funding of $7,440,678 allocated in the City's 2013/2014 Capital Works Budget against PR-1494.

Voting Requirements

Simple Majority



That Council:-

1.       ENDORSES Administration proceeding with the tender process for the construction of the Flynn Drive Realignment Project, incorporating connection to Wanneroo Road by matching Flynn Drive as realigned to the existing Wanneroo Road level and alignment, inclusive of traffic signals at this intersection; and

2.       NOTES that the Wanneroo Road/Flynn Drive (as realigned) intersection proposed as part of the tender process outlined in Recommendation 1 will require major reconstruction by Main Roads WA when Neerabup Road is connected to form a new four-way traffic signal controlled intersection as part of the Mitchell Freeway Extension Project.




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