Council Agenda



Annual General Meeting of Electors

5.30pm, 04 February, 2014

Civic Centre,

Dundebar Rd, Wanneroo

Recording of Council Meetings Policy





·         To ensure that there is a process in place to outline access to the recorded proceedings of Council.


·         To emphasise that the reason for recording of Council Meetings is to ensure the accuracy of Council Minutes and that any reproduction is for the sole purpose of Council business.




Recording of Proceedings


(1)     Proceedings for meetings of the Council, Electors, and Public Question Time during Council Briefing Sessions shall be recorded by the City on sound recording equipment, except in the case of meetings of the Council where the Council closes the meeting to the public. 


(2)     Notwithstanding subclause (1), proceedings of a meeting of the Council which is closed to the public shall be recorded where the Council resolves to do so.


(3)     No member of the public is to use any electronic, visual or vocal recording device or instrument to record the proceedings of the Council or a committee without the written permission of the Council.


Access to Recordings


(4)     Members of the public may purchase a copy of recorded proceedings or alternatively listen to recorded proceedings with the supervision of a City Officer.  Costs of providing recorded proceedings to members of the public will be the cost of the recording plus staff time to make the copy of the proceedings. The cost of supervised listening to recorded proceedings will be the cost of the staff time. The cost of staff time will be set in the City's schedule of fees and charges each year.


(5)     Elected Members may request a recording of the Council proceedings at no charge.  However, no transcript will be produced without the approval of the Chief Executive Officer.  All Elected Members are to be notified when recordings are requested by individual Members.


Retention of Recordings


(6)     Recordings pertaining to the proceedings of Council Meetings shall be retained in accordance with the State Records Act 2000.


Disclosure of Policy


(7)     This policy shall be printed within the agenda of all Council, Special Council, Electors and Special Electors meetings to advise the public that the proceedings of the meeting are recorded.



Notice is given that the next Annual General Meeting of Electors will be held at the Civic Centre, Dundebar Rd, Wanneroo on Tuesday 4 February, 2014 commencing at 5.30pm.






F Bentley

A/Chief Executive Officer

31 January, 2014






Item  1_____ Attendances_ 1

Item  2_____ Apologies and Leave of Absence_ 1

Item  3_____ Reports_ 1

3.1                         2012/2013 Annual Report for the City of Wanneroo  1

Item  4_____ General Business_ 27

Item  5_____ Closure_ 27








Welcome to the City of Wanneroo’s Annual Electors Meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to present the City's 2013 Annual Report to the residents of the City of Wanneroo for discussion and any other general business pertaining to Council business. In accordance with the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996, the Mayor is to preside at a general or special meeting of electors and is to determine the procedure to be followed.


1.         All present are required to sign the attendance register at the entry to the Chambers, including name and address.


2.         Speakers must be Electors of the City of Wanneroo.


3.         The proceedings will be recorded for the purpose of production of the minutes and speakers are requested to use the microphones each time they speak.


4.         No other audio or visual recording is to be undertaken without the permission of the Presiding Member.


5.         The order of proceedings will firstly be reference to these rules by the Presiding Person followed by Attendances, Apologies, Leave of Absence, Declaration of Interest, presentation of the Annual Report and General Business.


6.         During general Business, questions or statements may only relate to matters that affect the local government and will be accepted at the discretion of the Presiding Person.


7.         Proposed motions must be provided in writing to Administration preferably by 12 noon on the day of the meeting.  Forms are available from Governance and on the City’s website.  “Motions from the Floor” will only be accepted at the discretion of the Mayor.


8.         Motions from Electors will be read aloud by the Mayor to ensure that everyone is clear about what they are voting on.


9.         The Mayor will call for a mover and a seconder for a motion.


10.      No motion or amendment is open to debate until it has been seconded. Only one amendment on any one motion shall be received at a time and such amendment shall be disposed of before any further amendment can be received; but any number of amendments may be proposed.


11.      Upon a motion being proposed, the Mayor will call for speakers to address the Chair.


12.      When addressing the meeting, a person is to:-


a)        rise and move to the front podium unless unable to do so by reason of sickness or disability;


b)        state his or her name for recording in the minutes;


c)         address the meeting through the person presiding.


d)        limit questions/statements to fact, not opinion or supposition.


13.      The mover of a motion (but not the mover of an amendment) has the right of reply, and this closes the debate.


14.      An elector may rise and move without discussion, “that the question be now put”, which, on being duly seconded and carried by a majority, will result in submission of the motion at once to the meeting, after the mover has replied.


15.      The Mayor will then ask for a vote on the motion on the floor.


16.      Each elector has one vote. An elector does not have to vote.


17.      Voting is determined by a show of hands.


18.      A simple majority carries the vote.


19.      The person presiding is to determine questions of order and procedure not stated above but an elector may move a motion of dissent from a ruling of the person presiding, which if seconded, shall be put without discussion.


20.      Minutes of this meeting will be available for inspection by members of the public as of 5.00pm on 7 February 2014.  Any motions arising from the meeting requiring action will be presented to the next Ordinary meeting of Council for consideration. 


The decisions of this meeting are not binding on the Council, but as required by the Local Government Act 1995, the reasons for any Council decision on a decision of this meeting are to be recorded in the minutes of the council meeting.



Good evening Councillors, staff, ladies and gentlemen, we acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we meet and I invite you to bow your head in prayer:




We ask for your blessing upon our City, our community and our Council.  Guide us in our decision making to act fairly, without fear or favour and with compassion, integrity and honesty.  May we show true leadership, be inclusive of all, and guide the City of Wanneroo to a prosperous future that all may share.  We ask this in your name.



Item  1      Attendances

Item  2      Apologies and Leave of Absence

Item  3      Reports

Declarations of Interest by Elected Members, including the nature and extent of the interest. Declaration of Interest forms to be completed and handed to the Chief Executive Officer.

3.1    2012/2013 Annual Report for the City of Wanneroo

File Ref:                                              2402 – 14/22205

Responsible Officer:                           Director, Corporate Strategy and Performance

Disclosure of Interest:                         Nil

Attachments:                                       1         



To present the 2012/13 Annual Report for the City of Wanneroo.



Section 5.53(1) of the Local Government Act 1995 (the Act) requires local governments to develop and publish an annual report for each financial year and Section 5.27 of the Act requires that a general meeting of electors is to be held once every financial year and not more than 56 days after the local government accepts the annual report. 


The purpose of the Annual General Meeting of Electors is not to adopt the Annual Report but to discuss its contents and raise any general business that Electors may have as per the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996.


The 2012/2013 Audited Financial Report, as audited by Council’s auditors, was considered at an Audit Committee meeting held on Tuesday, 19 November 2013, at which time the Committee resolved to recommend that Council adopt the Audited Financial Report.  Council adopted the Audited Financial Report at its 10 December 2013 meeting along with the 2012/2013 Annual Report which is inclusive of the concise audited financial report.


The Annual Report 2012/2013 is an accurate snapshot of the City’s activities over the twelve (12) month period.  The financials have been assessed and meet the approval of the City’s external auditors.

Statutory Compliance

The preparation and publication of the Annual Report is in accordance with the Local Government Act 1995.


Strategic Implications

The proposal accords with the following Outcome Objective of the City’s Strategic Plan 2006 – 2021:

 “4     Governance

4.6    Provide and maintain a high standard of governance and accountability



That the contents of the 2012/2013 Annual Report be presented to the residents of the City of Wanneroo for discussion.




2012/2013 Annual Report




CITY OF WANNEROO Agenda OF Annual General Meeting of Electors 04 February, 2014                                 3

























CITY OF WANNEROO Agenda OF Annual General Meeting of Electors 04 February, 2014                   27


Item  4      General Business

Item  5      Closure