Annual General Meeting of Electors

5.30pm, 04 February, 2014

Civic Centre,

Dundebar Rd, Wanneroo



Unconfirmed Minutes of Annual General Meeting of Electors



held on Tuesday 04 February, 2014







Item  1              Attendances   1

Item  2              Apologies and Leave of Absence   1

Item  3              Reports   1

3.1                         2012/2013 Annual Report for the City of Wanneroo  2

Item  4              General Business   2

4.1                         Mr Charles Evans, Quinns Football Club  2

4.2                         Mr Paul Mann, Lautoka Rise, Mindarie  2

4.3                         Mrs M Cockman, Wanneroo Road, Ashby  3

Item  5              Closure   3




Please refer to agenda for details of full reports and attachments.

Item  1       Attendances

TRACEY ROBERTS, JP                            Mayor




DOT NEWTON, JP                                      Central Ward

FRANK CVITAN, JP                                    Central Ward

SABINE WINTON                                        Coastal Ward

BOB SMITHSON                                          Coastal Ward

GLYNIS PARKER                                       Coastal Ward

RUSSELL DRIVER                                     Coastal Ward

NORMAN HEWER                                      North Ward

LINDA AITKEN                                             North Ward

ANH TRUONG                                             South Ward

BRETT TREBY                                             South Ward

DOMENIC ZAPPA                                       South Ward

DENIS HAYDEN                                         South Ward




DANIEL SIMMS                                           Chief Executive Officer

LEN KOSOVA                                              Director, Planning and Sustainability

FIONA BENTLEY                                        Director, Community Development

JOHN PATON                                              Director, Corporate Strategy & Performance

MIKE BARRY                                               Manager Executive Services

MICHAEL PENSON                                    Manager Property Services

BOB FIGG                                                     Manager Communication and Events

NICKY BARKER                                          Minute Officer


Item  2       Apologies and Leave of Absence

HUGH NGUYEN                                          South Ward

DIANNE GUISE                                           Central Ward


Mayor Roberts opened the meeting at 5.30pm and acknowledged and welcomed Freeman of the City of Wanneroo, Mrs Margaret Cockman.


Item  3       Reports

Declarations of Interest by Elected Members, including the nature and extent of the interest. Declaration of Interest forms to be completed and handed to the Chief Executive Officer.


3.1    2012/2013 Annual Report for the City of Wanneroo

File Ref:                                              2402 – 14/22205

Responsible Officer:                           Director, Corporate Strategy and Performance

Disclosure of Interest:                         Nil

Attachments:                                       1         


Moved Mrs Cockman, Seconded Mrs Greenhalgh

That the contents of the 2012/2013 Annual Report be presented to the residents of the City of Wanneroo for discussion.



The Director of Corporate Strategy and Performance clarified that the Department of Local Government and Communities had queried three of the ratios included on page 23 of the Annual Report.  After review by the City's Finance Department it has been concluded that an error exists in three of the ratios.  Administration will provide advice back to the Department in terms of the correct ratios and will amend the ratios in subsequent Annual Reports for comparative purposes.  A report will also be presented to the Audit Committee, detailing the nature of the errors and verifying what the correct ratios should be.

Item  4       General Business

4.1              Mr Charles Evans, Quinns Football Club

The Gumblossom Oval is very old.  What funding will the community get for the ovals in and around Quinns,  Mindarie and Clarkson?  Other ovals in the City of Wanneroo have been given funding and they are not used as much.


Response by Director Community Development


There  has been a significant amount of funding spent on Gumblossom over a number of years however Council does acknowledge that Gumblossom is overused because of the lack of other public open space in that area.  A number of projects are being listed in the current budget.  The City is considering additional facilities to reduce the use of Gumblossom as well as the maintenance regime.  Additional lighting is also planned at Riverlinks, if possible, to spread the training load.  The planning for the Butler North District Open Space is advancing which will provide additional playing fields and in the coming year the City hopes to commence work at the Yanchep Two Rocks Playing Field.


Response by Mayor Roberts


The City will keep the users of the Gumblossom facility informed of the progress.


The Ridgewood Athletics Centre has had numerous discussions with the City in regard to the condition of the oval specifically the uneven surface, potholes, divots and varying grass types as well uneven levels on the running track. 




The centre is concerned for the safety and possible injury to those competing.  What are the City's intentions to remediate this issue and the proposed timeframe?


Response by Director Community Development


Ridgewood is again one of those ovals that is over utilised and takes a long time to rehabilitate after the winter season.  The City is reviewing how the ground is maintained during both winter and in preparation for summer, but it is hoped that the addition of other facilities in the near neighbourhoods will assist.   


Response by Mayor Roberts


The City will keep the users of the facility informed of the progress.


Travelling south towards the entry to the town site the City is doing a lot to spruce up the town but CALM's backyard is like a pigsty.  Since the Church has been knocked down it is much more visual.  Is there anything Council can do to fix the problem such as a fence etc?


Response by Mayor Roberts


The City will forward a letter through to the Member for Wanneroo, Mr Paul Miles and it may be a good idea for you to petition him as well for emphasis.

Item  5       Closure

There being no further business, the Mayor closed the meeting at 5.42pm.