Council Agenda



Special Council Meeting

6.00pm, 28 July, 2015

Civic Centre

23 Dundebar Road Wanneroo


Recording of Council Meetings Policy





·         To ensure that there is a process in place to outline access to the recorded proceedings of Council.


·         To emphasise that the reason for recording of Council Meetings is to ensure the accuracy of Council Minutes and that any reproduction is for the sole purpose of Council business.




Recording of Proceedings


(1)     Proceedings for meetings of the Council, Electors, and Public Question Time during Council Briefing Sessions shall be recorded by the City on sound recording equipment, except in the case of meetings of the Council where the Council closes the meeting to the public. 


(2)     Notwithstanding subclause (1), proceedings of a meeting of the Council which is closed to the public shall be recorded where the Council resolves to do so.


(3)     No member of the public is to use any electronic, visual or vocal recording device or instrument to record the proceedings of the Council or a committee without the written permission of the Council.


Access to Recordings


(4)     Members of the public may purchase a copy of recorded proceedings or alternatively listen to recorded proceedings with the supervision of a City Officer.  Costs of providing recorded proceedings to members of the public will be the cost of the recording plus staff time to make the copy of the proceedings. The cost of supervised listening to recorded proceedings will be the cost of the staff time. The cost of staff time will be set in the City's schedule of fees and charges each year.


(5)     Elected Members may request a recording of the Council proceedings at no charge.  However, no transcript will be produced without the approval of the Chief Executive Officer.  All Elected Members are to be notified when recordings are requested by individual Members.


Retention of Recordings


(6)     Recordings pertaining to the proceedings of Council Meetings shall be retained in accordance with the State Records Act 2000.


Disclosure of Policy


(7)     This policy shall be printed within the agenda of all Council, Special Council, Electors and Special Electors meetings to advise the public that the proceedings of the meeting are recorded.



Notice is given that the next Special Council Meeting will be held at the Civic Centre

23 Dundebar Road Wanneroo  on Tuesday 28 July, 2015 commencing at 6.00pm.






D Simms

Chief Executive Officer

24 July, 2015






Item  1_____ Attendances_ 2

Item  2_____ Apologies and Leave of Absence_ 2

Item  3_____ Public Question Time_ 2

Item  4_____ Reports_ 2

Item  5_____ Confidential_ 2

SCS05-07/15  Appointment of Director Assets  2

Item  6_____ Date of Next Meeting_ 2

Item  7_____ Closure_ 2


CITY OF WANNEROO Agenda OF Special Council Meeting 28 July, 2015                                                                         2




Good evening Councillors, staff, ladies and gentlemen, we acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we meet and I invite you to bow your head in prayer:




We ask for your blessing upon our City, our community and our Council.  Guide us in our decision making to act fairly, without fear or favour and with compassion, integrity and honesty.  May we show true leadership, be inclusive of all, and guide the City of Wanneroo to a prosperous future that all may share.  We ask this in your name.



Item  1      Attendances

Item  2      Apologies and Leave of Absence

Cr DG Guise                                                   Central Ward (Leave of Absence 19.06.15-03.08.15)

Item  3      Public Question Time

Please Note:        Section 7(4)(b) of the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996 states that:


“a Council at a Special Meeting is not required to answer a question that does not relate to the purpose of the meeting.  It is requested that only questions that relate to items on the agenda be asked”.

Item  4      Reports

Declarations of Interest by Elected Members, including the nature and extent of the interest. Declaration of Interest forms to be completed and handed to the Chief Executive Officer.     

Item  5      Confidential

SCS05-07/15    Appointment of Director Assets

File Ref:                                              5642V02 – 15/294131

Responsible Officer:                           Chief Executive Officer


This report is to be dealt with in confidential session, under the terms of the Local Government Act 1995 Section 5.23(2), as follows:

(a)          a matter affecting an employee or employees.

Item  6      Date of Next Meeting

Item  7      Closure