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Item  5_____ Late Reports_ 1

5.1                         Cr Norman Hewer – Dualling of Wanneroo Road between Joondalup Drive and Flynn Drive  1


Late Items Agenda

Item  5      Late Reports

5.1    Cr Norman Hewer – Dualling of Wanneroo Road between Joondalup Drive and Flynn Drive

File Ref:                                              3120V03 – 15/418464

Author:                                                Cr Norman Hewer

Action Officer:                                    Director Assets

Disclosure of Interest:                         Nil

Attachments:                                       Nil       



To consider requesting the State Government for a commitment to upgrade the section of Wanneroo Road (to a dual carriageway standard) between Joondalup Drive and Flynn Drive as part of the Mitchell Freeway Extension Project (MFE).



As the City considers the dualling of this section of Wanneroo Road is a priority for State Government funding, it has on two previous occasions written to the Premier of Western Australia, Hon Colin Barnett, seeking a financial commitment to the project. Although the State Government acknowledges the need to dual this section of Wanneroo Road, funding has not been allocated for these works.


The Mitchell Freeway Extension to Hester Avenue includes a new intersection at Wanneroo Road and Neerabup Road/realigned Flynn Drive. From MFE details received from Main Roads WA, it is understood that Wanneroo Road will be dualled from the existing Flynn Drive to Hall Road as part of the MFE project; however no information in relation to the upgrade of Wanneroo Road from Joondalup Drive to Flynn Drive has been received to date.


Wanneroo Road continues to experience an ever increasing volume of traffic, not only as a consequence of the opening of Indian Ocean Drive; the Neerabup Industrial Estate’s continued growth has also generated increased industrial and commercial traffic onto Wanneroo Road. The section of Wanneroo Road from Joondalup Drive to Flynn Drive is un-kerbed for most of its length and due to very high volumes of traffic requires immediate upgrade to a dual carriageway standard.




Dual carriageway construction and upgrading works on Wanneroo Road to the current road design standards will improve road safety along this section of road. The additional capacity created by the upgrade would accommodate the additional traffic generated by land development in the North West Corridor and the Neerabup Industrial Estate.


While the City appreciates the dualling of Wanneroo Road north of Flynn Drive, the upgrade of the section from Joondalup Drive to Flynn Drive is also required most urgently.


As part of the City's ongoing advocacy for the upgrade of Wanneroo Road, it is recommended that the Mayor again writes to the Premier seeking a commitment to include this project in the current MFE project. The inclusion of this project in the MFE project will provide economies of scale and deliver a much needed upgraded road in a timely fashion.

Statutory Compliance


Strategic Implications

The proposal aligns with the following objective within the Strategic Community Plan 2013 – 2023:

 “3     Economy - Progressive, connected communities that enable economic growth and employment.

3.3    Easy to Get Around - The community is well connected and accessible with an integrated transport approach for all.


Risk Management Considerations


Policy Implications


Financial Implications

The dual carriageway construction of Wanneroo Road from Joondalup Drive to Flynn Drive is the responsibility of the State Government and does not require the City to make any funding provisions.

Voting Requirements

Simple Majority



That Council REQUESTS the Mayor to write to the Premier, requesting a commitment to upgrade the section of Wanneroo Road between Joondalup Drive and Flynn Drive to dual carriageway standard as part of the current Mitchell Freeway Extension Project.



Administration Comment

Administration maintains its support for the dualling of Wanneroo Road, between Joondalup Drive and Flynn Drive, as a high priority upgrade to the regional road network to provide a improved and safe road which will support the ongoing development of the north west metropolitan corridor.


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