Special Council Meeting

6:00pm, 07 June, 2016

Council Chambers, Civic Centre, Dundebar Road, Wanneroo



Unconfirmed Minutes of Special Council Meeting



held on Tuesday 07 June, 2016







Item  1              Attendance   1

Item  2              Apologies and Leave of Absence   1

Item  3              Public Question Time   2

Item  4              Reports   2

Item  5              Confidential  2

SCR01-06/16  Access Issues Relating to Moorpark Avenue, Yanchep  2

Item  6              Date of Next Meeting   5

Item  7              Closure   5




Please refer to agenda for details of full reports and attachments.


Mayor Roberts declared the meeting open at 6:00pm and read the prayer.


Good evening Councillors, staff, ladies and gentlemen, we wish to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land we are meeting on, the Whadjuk people.  We would like to pay respect to the Elders of the Nyoongar nation, past and present, who have walked and cared for the land and we acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contributions made to the life of this city and this region and I invite you to bow your head in prayer:


Lord, We ask for your blessing upon our City, our community and our Council.  Guide us in our decision making to act fairly, without fear or favour and with compassion, integrity and honesty.  May we show true leadership, be inclusive of all, and guide the City of Wanneroo to a prosperous future that all may share.  We ask this in your name. Amen

Item  1       Attendance

TRACEY ROBERTS, JP                       Mayor




FRANK CVITAN, JP                              Central Ward

DIANNE GUISE                                     Central Ward

DOT NEWTON, JP                                 Central Ward

SAMANTHA FENN                                Central Ward

LINDA AITKEN                                       North Coast Ward

RUSSELL DRIVER                               North Coast Ward

GLYNIS PARKER                                  North Coast Ward

NATALIE SANGALLI                             North Coast Ward

HUGH NGUYEN                                    South Ward

LARA SIMPKINS, JP                             South Ward

BRETT TREBY                                       South Ward




DANIEL SIMMS                                      Chief Executive Officer

MARK DICKSON                                   A/Director, Planning and Sustainability

HARMINDER SINGH                            Director, Assets

FIONA HODGES                                    Director, Community & Place

NOELENE JENNINGS                         Director, Corporate Strategy & Performance

MUSTAFA YILDIZ                                  Manager Governance and Legal

NATASHA SMART                                Manager Council and Corporate Support

PAUL DUNLOP                                      Manager Communications, Marketing & Events

YVETTE HEATH                                    Minute Officer


Item  2                                                      Apologies and Leave of Absence

DOMENIC ZAPPA                                 South Ward

DENIS HAYDEN                                    South Ward

SABINE WINTON                                  North Coast Ward

There were nil members of the public and two members of the press in attendance.

Item  3       Public Question Time


Item  4       Reports

Declarations of Interest by Elected Members, including the nature and extent of the interest. Declaration of Interest forms to be completed and handed to the Chief Executive Officer. 


Item  5       Confidential

Motion to Close the Meeting


Moved Cr Guise, Seconded Cr Treby


That Council close the meeting to the public to discuss Item SCR01-06/16 under the terms of the Local Government Act 1995, Section 5.23 (2).


Carried Unanimously


The meeting was closed to the public and all recording ceased at 6:01pm.


SCR01-06/16    Access Issues Relating to Moorpark Avenue, Yanchep

File Ref:                                              SD151110 – 16/150515

Responsible Officer:                           A/ Director Planning & Sustainability

Disclosure of Interest:                         Nil

Attachments:                                       4        

This report is to be dealt with in confidential session, under the terms of the Local Government Act 1995 Section 5.23(2), as follows:

(c)          a contract entered into, or which may be entered into, by the local government and which relates to a matter to be discussed at the meeting


Moved Cr Treby, Seconded Cr Guise

That Council:-


1.       ENDORSES Administration’s recommended actions (as outlined in this Report) to resolve issues of access raised by existing residents of Moorpark Avenue, Yanchep;


2.       AUTHORISES the Chief Executive Officer to commence negotiations with Primewest (Yanchep Beach Road) Pty Ltd and Yanchep Beach Joint Venture to effect the actions recommended in this Report, relating to the land listed below:


a)      Portion Lot 9002 (19K) St. Andrews Drive, Yanchep (on Deposited Plan 407399). The extent of this portion of land is identified as ‘Location 2’ in Attachment 1;


b)      Lot 5 (59A) Moorpark Avenue, Yanchep (on Deposited Plan 406241). This land is identified as ‘Location 4’ in Attachment 1;


c)      Lot 4 (65A) Moorpark Avenue, Yanchep (on Deposited Plan 406241). This land is identified as ‘Location 5’ in Attachment 1; and


d)      Lot 3 (87) Moorpark Avenue, Yanchep (on Deposited Plan 406241). This land is identified as ‘Location 6’ in Attachment 1;


3.       RESOLVES that except for the land identified in Recommendation 2. above and subject to effecting the actions recommended in this Report, the City considers the access issues resolved and will take no further action in respect to other locations on Moorpark Avenue;


4.       NOTES that a further Report will be presented to Council, once the Chief Executive Officer and the relevant parties conclude negotiations in accordance with Recommendation 2. above by reaching an in-principle agreement for Council’s endorsement;


5.       ADVISES all landowners and occupiers of land adjoining the 11 vacant land parcels identified in Attachment 1 of this decision.



Carried Unanimously

CITY OF WANNEROO Minutes OF Special Council Meeting 07 June, 2016                                                                        4

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Motion to Re-open the Meeting


Moved Cr Cvitan, Seconded Cr Simpkins


That the meeting be reopened to the public.


Carried Unanimously


The meeting was reopened to the public and all recording recommenced at 6:04pm.


The Mayor read aloud the decision made on Item SCR01-06/16.



Item  6       Date of Next Meeting

The next Elected Members’ Briefing Session has been scheduled for 6.00pm on Tuesday, 14 June 2016, to be held in Council Chambers, 23 Dundebar Road, Wanneroo.

Item  7       Closure

There being no further business, Mayor Roberts declared the meeting closed at 6:06pm.


In Attendance


TRACEY ROBERTS, JP                            Mayor




FRANK CVITAN, JP                                    Central Ward

SAMANTHA FENN                                     Central Ward

DIANNE GUISE                                           Central Ward

DOT NEWTON, JP                                      Central Ward

LINDA AITKEN                                             North Coast Ward

RUSSELL DRIVER                                     North Coast Ward

GLYNIS PARKER                                       North Coast Ward

NATALIE SANGALLI                                   North Coast Ward

HUGH NGUYEN                                          South Ward

LARA SIMPKINS, JP                                  South Ward

BRETT TREBY                                             South Ward